Project Management System:

  • Project management of new buildings which are in scope of Master Plan.
  • Project management of function changements according to new needs and Technologies in existing buildings.
  • Management of the additional Projects of the existing buildings.

Working Schedule Management:

Preparing of new projects, renovation projects, annual repair and preventitive maintenance works in an appropriate way and executing of them without affected campus life.

Construction Management:

Preparing and executing the annual repair and maintenance program and related budget of buildings within Koç university.

Budget Management System:

In accordance with the annual work schedules; costanalyses, material technology and legislation follow-up, contributing to investment decisions by preparing an annual budget and managing the budget correctly.

Archive Management System:

Archiving , updating and renewing the information and documents which related construction directorate of all buildings in the main campus and all connected external campuses buildings;
  • All architectural – Static – Electrical- Mechanical projects
  • Official Correspondence
  • General Reports Of All Campüs Buildings
  • Progress Payment and Tender Documets
  • And The documents under the responsibility of Construction Directorate;
Systematic archiving and archive management.

Tender and Contract Management System:

Preparing all the necessary technical documents of the tenders to be held fort he Works within the scope of the annual work program and conducting the tendering and contructing processes in coordination with the Purchasing Directorate.

Construction Material Logistic System:

To provide, procured, storage and stock continuity of construction materials which required by the annual repair and maintenance and work program, in coordination with the Purchasing Directorate.

Reporting Management:

To prepare reports related to the works which are in the responsibility of the Construction Directorate and to share them with the related units periodically.

Master Key System:

Management of the private key system of the buildings in the main campus and the connected external campuses.

C-Trackit System:

To solve all the daily maintenance and urgent construction problems which claimed by users where in the main campus and the connected external campus units without effected life of the campus. Our Unit; is responsible for all kinds of construction works of indoor and outdoor areas of the Koç Üniversity main Campus and the connected external campuses.